I provide the following college consulting services

  • Complimentary 45-minute initial consultation
  • Individual, customized college application list reflecting students' interests, achievements and preferences
  • Application essay conceptualization, writing, editing and finalizing
  • Application deadline management
  • Admissions interview preparation
  • Summer programs research and advice
  • Standardized testing plan
  • Regular updates on the process to parents and students 
  • Hourly, package and complete program rates available

The most popular packages for high school students are:

  • Take Aim - For freshmen and sophomores who want to strategize early to best use course selection and involvement in activities and interests that will enhance their lives and move them towards selecting their "right fit" colleges.
  • Navigation - For first semester seniors already working actively in the college application process, and
  • Bull's Eye - Beginning in the second semester of junior year, a comprehensive program that  carries students to the end of the application journey.
  • Bull's Eye Plus - Beginning during sophomore year, a comprehensive program that continues through to the beginning of freshman year in college.

I also offer guidance for finding the right-fit college for Students with LD/ADHD.

All services are provided in accordance with the ethical standards and practices set by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

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