"Jennifer is a calm, reassuring, and caring expert who guides you through every step of the hectic and often confusing college application process. We appreciated having our questions promptly answered by such a knowledgeable and experienced college consultant.

When our daughter was stressing over draft after draft of her essays, she met with Jennifer to strategize and brainstorm. By asking a series of intuitive questions, Jennifer helped her to find her voice and recall vivid details to enhance her responses. Thanks to Jennifer, she submitted her applications with confidence, and will soon be attending her dream college!"

- Jackie G. - Mountain View, CA

"Jennifer's know-how, mentorship, and organization make navigating the college application process so much easier. Jennifer's guidance helped ensure that my son will be attending his top choice school this fall. I recommend her without reservation."

- J. Logan, Palo Alto, CA

"Mrs. Piercey has been the greatest help I could ask for in a college counselor. She guided me through the process and made me feel much less stress than I otherwise would have. I went from having no idea what to do for college applications to being organized, timely, and confident. I would not have written the quality of essays I did and gotten into my top choice - MIT - without her."

  • A. Park, Redwood City, CA

"I really can't say enough about Jennifer Piercey. My son worked with her on his applications and he got into his first and second choice school."

- Angie M., Los Altos, CA

“Jennifer helped immensely with the entire process of finding and applying to colleges that were right for me from start to finish. Without her help, I would have been completely lost and she made everything so clear for me. She truly cared about my success as a student and took all of my ideas and thoughts into consideration. She counseled me for the times I felt nervous or unsure and catered to my frustration with great patience and understanding. I am so happy with the university I’ve chosen and it’s all thanks to Jennifer.”

- Mekenna M., Torrance, CA

“High school is so busy with AP classes, varsity sports, extracurricular activities; then add college applications. Jennifer Piercey eased this stressful process not only with her expertise in colleges, but her skill in working with students.

Jennifer took time to get to know our daughter and was able to broaden the scope of colleges to consider. She understands what colleges are looking for and the potential for financial aid. Jennifer set straightforward guidelines to help our daughter be responsible for meeting deadlines.

It was clear Jennifer was the right person when our daughter looked forward to meeting with her to discuss potential colleges and work on essays for the application process. Her collaborative style instilled confidence and a positive attitude in our daughter. Jennifer has been an important part of my daughter's success and has helped our family so much. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who will partner with a student and provide excellent guidance."

- Parent, Mountain View, CA

“Jennifer was a life saver through the college admissions process. She took the time to get to know my son as a person and help find the right school fit for him. From a parent perspective, Jennifer's input was invaluable. Working with Jennifer allowed me to step out of the parenting role of editor and enforcer of timelines for my son's applications while she took on that role. During an inherently stressful time, I appreciated this so much as it let me enjoy my son's senior year and our time together.”

  • Bari R., Los Gatos, CA

"Jennifer Piercey guided me through the deadline-setting and essay-writing process in a way that relieved me of excess stress while still allowing me to do all of my own work.”

- Claire W., Half Moon Bay, CA

" Jennifer is a great teacher and friend. She is very understanding and reasonable and has helped me with her professional skills. She is kind and intelligent and has so much knowledge and experience to share, bringing so many good things to me."

- Chloe W.    Los Altos, CA